Rejina Christopher

Rejina Christopher of RResonance Arts


Rejina Christopher

Treasure hunting for things that still have value but have been discarded is one of the happiest joys in my life. I love to recreate and renew a piece’s purpose and give it a voice. Old jewelry, frames, glass, metal, clay are recreated as something fresh and new.

My inspiration comes from the beauty of creation that is all around me. Light, color, form and texture are important in my pieces and each piece is one of a kind.  Each creation takes on a personality and expresses a statement. What are they saying to you? I hope that they make you smile.

“Sometimes projects turn out really well and sometimes they bomb. I don’t mind learning by making mistakes and usually those mistakes become a base for new works.  For example a miniature grandfather clock that didn’t work anymore was turned into a three-story bird house.  Everything has value and can have another life,” Christopher said. (by Tony Wade from Daily Republic)



Milton the Martian – award winning mascot and ceiling fan
Mixed-Media Angel
Sculpture- When Pugs Fly
Flowers Ascending – old glassware and vases
From wine carrier to Steampunk Birdhouse
Flowers and Love abound in our shop!




Rejina was recently featured in The Daily Republic newspaper. She was asked to to contribute some of her works to Lawler House Art Gallery’s latest show “In My Dreams,” it was no stretch because the versatile Vallejo artist constantly dreams of  repurposing discarded items into art. (Read Article)

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