Saida Burboa

Saida Burboa;Jaded Candle;Belle DeLureeHi, I’m Saida, the founder of Jaded Candle by The Jaded WorkShop. We have been in business for about 2 years now.

My training was to become a Barber, which I accomplished with pride. Was trained by Old School Barbers, who thought me the value of Etiquette, comrade and business values, something that is hard to find in new generations Barbers.

I was able to accomplish my dream of owning my own Barber Shop. Through the process I learned the hard work that is involved on creating a business from a ground up. That loyalty is earned, you cant force a customer to comeback to you, you have to earn their trust.

My father used to ask me “ what is most important, You smiling at your customer or your customer smiling at you?”

My goal was and still is to make my customers SMILE.
How did I become a Candle Maker?

While running my Dream Business, I came across a We Fell In Love and things changed.

He was and Still is a Military Man. When his new orders came we/I realized I had to make a decision. At the time we had a baby girl. I had to chose between keeping my business or keeping our family together. I chose our family.

We didn’t know anybody on that new town. No family, no friends. And me being a workaholic that I was, I set my mind to keep working but didn’t trust anyone with our kids. Thats when my “other gift” told me it was time to let it come out of the closet. I love crafting, working with my hands, creating things.

That when I began my learning phase on how to make candles. I started in the kitchen a tiny kitchen, and moving from there to my own space (still at home).

My kids loves watching and helping me when they get a chance to do so.
My Candlesfrag_primavera
I am a perfectionist, I struggle to just let anyone else do my job, I have to supervise and
make sure that everything is done with quality. I was that way as a Barber, I am the same way as Candle Maker.

I have to make sure that we have the best quality of supplies. Pure Oils Extracts for Quality Fragrances. I only use Soy Wax, it’s cleaner and better for the environment, we tab our own wicks to make sure that they are not mixed with any harmful components, our wicks are 100% cotton, untreated.

After All Our Goal is to make our Customers Smile


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