Gail Dominguez

I have been drawn to art all my life.  Because of my fathers work as a commercial artist, I was surrounded by a variety of artists, which, I believe stirred my curiosity.

Unlike my father I came to realize that my direction as an artist would take a different course.  I developed a passion for sculpture and three dimensional art after taking a ceramic hand building classes in college.

While creating my pieces, I was always amazed at what the clay became in my hands and how it seemed to speak to me.  Many times my pieces would become what was not intended.  To me it was magic!

I continued to create sculptural pieces with clay and  I discovered pit firing as a result of a class that I took at the local college.  I started teaching classes locally,

and at one outing I decided to put a piece of copper in the pit with the ceramic pieces.  I discovered that I could achieve beautiful colors on the copper through the pit fire process and was intrigued with that medium.

After a long absence from the art world I began torch-firing copper pieces and creating jewelry, which became a new passion.

I consider myself a ceramic sculpture artist , metal and multi media artist.  My joy comes from creating pieces by using materials from the earth.

My Art