Mel Christopher

I am engineer by training which has influenced the way I think about the world around me.  Art has expanded my thinking beyond finding a single solution to problems.  I’ve learned that, with art, there is no right or wrong answer which has made me uncomfortable and why you may still find a certain structure to my work. 

The structure in my art comes from repurposing items that already had a purpose.  I value the work that was done in creating items for their original purpose.  Combining old or broken pieces and forming something entirely new – even surprising – is my goal.  In addition, transforming pieces by adding color through enameling or adding shapes using form folding adds interest.  Putting it all together makes a one of a kind work of art. Building the pieces involves welding, wire, fusing, or gluing.  It all works!

For this engineer, art is all about seeing the world in a more complete way and expressing it a unique way. 

My Art