Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Having been released/ejected from t100_9536he rat race by the recent recession, I am now able to devote a lot more time to my painting.

Since childhood, I have painted on and off for my own personal satisfaction, even occasionally producing work I was happy to display.

Now living a simple and fairly rustic life in rural Napa County, I have time to try and polish such as I have acquired and produce work which might amuse art collectors of varying stripes.mike-art

I specialize in pet portraits, but often as not, lapse into whimsy
When I found these tiny canvasses on tiny easels, it occurred to me that here was an opportunity to produce affordable diptychs that don’t have to be hung, but can be free standing in any room for any age group. They can be split and shared by friends, like ‘friendship’ jewelry, or even prepared as fridge magnets. Please enjoy!

Michael Miller.

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