Beth Grimm

I am a baby boomer who practiced law for 30 years while also studying photography. As I neared retirement I took all of the art workshops and classes I could fit into my schedule and ultimately rested on digital art because of the simplicity. I could give up my cart full of art supplies and my big girl camera and refine my skills. No more mess, no more time involved in setting up before and cleaning up after. I can sit on a bench by the water drinking my coffee and practice my art.  I decided on teaching iPhone Artistry because I had the tools and I didn’t see anyone else around me doing it. I love teaching online because I can include people all over the country. To a degree I am self taught, but I have spent years studying the work of others that I appreciate and all of this culminated in a wonderful “retirement” where I can continue to collect knowledge and skills and share them with others in the classroom and on walkabouts in the beautiful town I call home, Benicia California.