Jody Johnson

My most often used art medium is silhouette – hand cut shapes from black construction paper. I also work with watercolor and pen and ink.

The collage images I create consist of, for example, a watercolor goose – collaged with bits and pieces of colorful images I find in magazines or on the internet. (I did a watercolor of a goose, decorated with Christmas Ivy, as my Christmas card a couple of years ago. It generated quite a few favorable comments – and I thought, why not use that same goose but dress it up in various countries’ clothing? It was like playing paper dolls).                         

My inspiration for some of the silhoettes I cut comes from pictures in magazines or other publications – and I try to incorporate the silhouette into a vignette that tells a story – or at least sets a tone such as the girl and dog gazing into the sunset and the flamingo with Hawaiian Lei.                                 

Over the years I have cut silhouettes at my kids’ school events, entire classrooms of students, children’s parties and wedding guests. I’m available to cut silhouettes in person by appointment.