Joe Lacommare

My two main areas of expertise are photography and poetry.

The poetry is my lavoro de la vita (work of life). It comes in the form of transforming what I am going through into something uplifting, inspiring, meaningful, or just plain heart wrenchingly honest and vulnerable. 

The photography is a rolled canvas print that features scenes of nature, melancholy, happiness, and generally speaking a ‘captured’ emotion. My work ranges from sunflowers (happy) to seascapes and foggy days (melancholia). I hope you enjoy these pieces and that they make a nice addition to an area of your home. 

It is my hope that these pieces bring joy, a soft smile, or a recognition of the feeling and humanity common in specific moments of our lives.

In my educational background, I am a Biomedical Engineer-thus combining my love of science and medicine with my skills in math and data.