Kerry Lee

Kerry Lee left her corporate career in 2014, well before retirement to follow her lifelong dream of living an “artist’s life”.

She is GOLDEN Paints Artist Educator, Certified Intentional Creativity® Facilitator and Adjunct Faculty for The Intentional Creativity Guild. As a transformational catalyst in community, Kerry Lee leads both public and private transformative workshops, corporate team building events where introspection lead to innovation and Painting Parties with a Purpose that include imagery with symbolic meaning.

Kerry Lee considers herself an intuitive artist as her favorite way to paint and create is when she can follow her inner guide’s inspiration with no plan on how an artwork will turn out. You’ll find paintings and workshops primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area but her wings are ready for travel too!

Kerry Lee enjoys creating collaborative experiential public artworks like “The Intention Tree” at First Street Napa Valley’s Artist Alley and “The Grains of Intention” mural at One House Bakery, Benicia, CA.

During Intentional Creativity events, she guides her clientele through a process of self-discovery, connection and metamorphosis. Kerry Lee teaches how intention can enhance intuition, clarity, wisdom, communication, community and joy. Her ability to hold warm, inspiring and uniquely personalized sacred space in gatherings is her genius. And no experience is ever needed as there is magic in her method for all!