Lisa Lee

 Coming from an artistic family, I have had many opportunities to try many different mediums on for size. After taking my first class in clay, I imminently fell in love. Clay can be made into anything of my imagination, and I find that to be delightful!   

I get my inspiration from everyday life. Such as family, gardening, animals, and nature.   I also am inspired by different attitudes, feelings, and frustrations. I try to add a little tongue-in-cheek humor.

My interests are my Grandkids, gardening, and I absolutely love animals, and living creatures of any kind.  I have owned cats, dogs, chickens, parrots, chameleons, iguanas, and canaries.  Oh the list goes on. And all of them have been immortalized in clay.   My husband and I have a sailboat and we enjoy being out on the water. All of these experiences have been drawn on for inspiration to my work.