Lori Borchers

My name is Lori Borchers a Northern California artist working most recently in Resin as a medium.



I have been doing art since I was very young. My mother was also an artist and used to take me with her to art classes. I started with pencil drawings and watercolor, then progressed to acrylic and oils. Most recently I have been working with resin.

I love to spend time at the beach. I love hearing the sound of the ocean waves breaking on the shore and the peacefulness it brings. I try to bring that sense of peace to my artwork. Hopefully my pieces will remind you of your favorite beach. I add many things to the ocean pieces that I find at the beach. Sand, shells, tiny rocks or pieces of driftwood. I also will embellish with various sea life creatures as in turtles, sharks or seahorses.


These pieces can be customized to your liking. You can choose your colors, provide your own sand, shells, rocks, or driftwood from your favorite vacation. Initials or names can be added to the sand.