Marilyn Hertzberg

When I was a young child my parents enrolled me in a   New York City neighborhood dance class. An important aspect from studying dance was learning how to create  and improvise in addition to understanding and practicing techical skills.  Dance became a passion throughout my school years, including college.  As a high school senior, I earned a scholarship that enabled me to study various forms and techniques of dance in more depth in New York City. 

Started in 1982, and sparked by a mobile I made with shells collected while on vacation, Shellscapes focuses on unique home adornments, such as lights, candles, clocks, wreaths, sun catchers, mirrors, holiday items and sculptures.  I recently began a line of one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

I gained precious skills and knowledge over those years of studying dance regarding space, balance, and flow, that now influence my creative process. I also love color and pattern. These too are important as I gather the many pieces that form each creation.  Shells remind me of human beings.  Although each individual shell has its own particular markings, shape, and nuances, it is a part of a larger hierarchy of  shell families .

When I create, I love to combine a wide range of natural materials: shells and sealife, agate slices, mineral and crystal clusters, driftwood, and vine wreaths for most of the home adornments.  For necklaces and sun catchers I use a variety of beads; such as crystal, shell, both polished and dyed, coral, mineral, wood and bamboo, that I arrange in unique and complex patterns. I often use a variety of production parts and materials to make sure that what I create is both beautiful and useful.

Over the years I have participated in retail and wholesale shows; as well as galleries and gift shops.  My newest adventure-promoting my creations online.