Mary Danko Williams

Mary was born and raised in Southern California where her love of the beach began.  Her grandmother taught her china painting in her late teens and is when she first learned about and fell in love with kilns and firing glass and china.  After years as an Aerospace Engineer, Domestic Engineer (mom to two amazing young men), and Health Care Executive, she retired early to pursue her dream of being an artist full time.

Whether it’s warm fused or cold sand-carved, Mary delights in working with glass and exploring all the wonderful techniques and ways to add sparkle and enjoyment to folks’ lives with her creations.  Years living in Napa and Monterey influence her design themes by cherishing the beauty of Napa’s vineyards and the calming of the ocean on one’s soul.

We all have layers and one of Mary’s is managing the loss of loved ones in her youth.  Thus, she likes her art to help others grieve in a healthy way and celebrate life too.  She incorporates cremains and/or recreates scenes of final resting places in some of her pieces that bring deep meaning and appreciation to families.

 Mary believes a handcrafted gift is a work of art and a labor of love straight from the heart.  She hopes you’ll find her handmade jewelry and other glass art creations will become cherished heirlooms and special keepsakes for years to come.