Mike Miller

Born long ago in England, I was sent to boarding school on the Isle of Man and took art class as a diversion from trying to absorb math and science.  I never did have the head for the math, which rendered a science education interesting but practically moot!

I just couldn’t wait to leave school and get out into the world and the turmoil and adventure of the sixties. This was of course before you needed a degree to walk through a door.

Having lived in or passed through many interesting parts of the world, I found myself in California some forty years ago with my wife Patricia and a young family.

Fast forward:  After thirty years as a self employed business man, I was heading towards retirement and the American Dream of selling the business and retiring to the ranch. Unfortunately the recession pipped me at the post. ( The best laid plans etc….)

That’s where the long ago art classes came in. Strangely after so long, I find I still paint with an English accent. ( I don’t paint for joy, but for satisfaction).

I am a bit long in the tooth to be avant garde, so I earn a crust by painting portraits, mainly of animals and pets and leave the larger creative stuff to others. Keeping it fairly small, I can paint peoples cherished memories at prices they can afford. They can also find space to hang or stand my work!

My little diptychs are therefor a nod to whimsy but also to the modern day marketing problem of ‘shelf space’ and ‘disposable income’.

If I can bring an expired pet to life for someone, even if tears are sometimes spilled, it makes my day!