Phil Venable

My inspiration for the photos I create is based on the world around me. I’ve been creating photos since early childhood when my father gave me a Kodak Brownie.  A few college courses and a lifetime in Law Enforcement, and here we are.

My primary interest in anything I shoot is the interaction between light and shadow within the scene. Light, or the lack thereof, is everything in a photo.  It sets the mood, it highlights objects, it hides objects, it creates a contrast that draws the eye in, and around the frame. 

While my primary interest is light and shadow, my passion is landscape.  I want to portray the world of beauty before it all disappears.  Scenes of misty mountains, sunlight filtered through trees, skies full of clouds above the plains and deserts, and sunsets. 

I take custom orders and can recommend local vendors for framing and matting options.  I am conscious of the aspect ratio the photo is in and will recommend sizes which don’t affect the composition of the photo.