Renee Riggert

Growing up in a small town outside of Dayton, Ohio, I spent lots of time playing in my Dad’s wood shop with saw dust in my hair and scrap wood in my hands. First observing, then collaborating with him on my grand designs! Be it a space saving modular shelving unit for my tiny bedroom, or the general interior design advice I gave freely to my parents. I was bursting with ideas and my Dad was always there to talk through the engineering. I loved  the puzzle of creating something brand new from an idea and using my hands and mind to work through the details. This creative process was for me, deeply engaging, satisfying, empowering, and still is today.


My passion for art, craft, and story led me to college in the Fine Arts, where I majored in painting and drawing, and dabbled in sculpture, graphic design, fiber arts, and photography to name a few. I eventually made my way to the University of Cincinnati Design Architecture Art and Planning program attaining a B.S. in Interior Design. I moved to San Francisco in 2011 and spent seven years practicing in my field, designing, concepting, and detailing restaurants, hotels, universities, and tech companies. As much as I loved it, I felt a drive to design in a different way.

The satisfaction of creating with my own two hands was an itch I hadn’t scratched in a while. On a whim I took a few jewelry making classes and dusted off my sewing machine! I started making pieces for myself, friends, and family with positive response. Now concepting, designing, and making pieces of art that I can instantly wear or adorn my home is my happy place!

I am so excited to share my passion for modern simplicity and positivity with others. Each  piece is lovingly designed and delicately handcrafted by me for you.

Description of Work:

My jewelry pieces are 14K Gold-Filled. My inspiration started with my love for making and was bolstered by my passion for design. I see jewelry as wearable art. Tiny sculptures to take with us throughout the day, effortlessly enhancing our natural beauty. My aesthetic is focused on harmony of form and function, easy to wear modern yet classic pieces, with attention to line and proportion. Some of my jewelry is inspired by concepts such as Simplicity, Connection, Hope, and Moment. My intention is that either consciously or subconsciously the wearer will be reminded of these powerful ideas in their daily life.

My fiber art and home goods are Inspired by my love for air plants, functional design, modern art, and sewing! Made from 100% cotton rope and natural fibers, sewn and shaped with care on a sewing machine with my own two hands.