Robyn Brakel

 I took a wheel throwing class on a whim 11 years ago and became mesmerized by clay and its ability to be manipulated.  I then changed my major to art and received my Bachelors of Art from University of Texas, San Antonio two years later.  After working as a potter for a several years, I began doing sculpture work in clay and received my Masters in Studio Art from CSU, Sacramento in 2017. I have held several workshops on hand building, taught ceramics and Raku at Solano Community College and American River College and enjoy working in my home studio in Folsom, CA.

The qualities of clay enchant me, challenge me.  Clay is an expressive material, capturing emotions and experiences that transcend time.  My subconscious is often exposed letting thoughts and emotions surface as I make.  By choosing clay as my medium, I am able to manipulate it into what my mind allows.  This current body of work is an intertwining of personalities, either seen in myself or others, or maybe even both, and the influences that make up those personalities, past or present.