Tania Valetsky

 I have recently became a resident of the lovely town of Benicia, and decided to try my hand at being an artist as well!
I’ve always loved art in general; playing around with different media, learning about artists and their techniques, giving a second life to practically anything from jewelry to broken vases by crafting and creating some new or different!
Over the years I’ve traveled and lived in different places, always on the lookout for my “little treasures” along the way. Every beach I set foot on I explore and inevitably bring home yet another bag of sea glass, shells and pebbles..
That’s how this all began! Sorting through my collection of beautiful sea glass I decided I wanted to display it somehow rather than just keeping it in a jar that gets moved around from place to place. And so my “Sea Leaves” collection began!
Soon I started creating trees and flowers, occasionally incorporating semi-precious gemstones and pearls. My designs are simple but meticulous, and I am truly proud of them all!
Now that I’ve depleted my personal collection of found glass, I’ve started tumbling to make more. I still collect glass on the beach but now I can double my efforts by picking up shards of glass that are unfortunately still polluting our many shores and take them home to tumble and smooth out!
Check out my art! Most of my pieces are 8″x10″ and are displayed in shadow boxes, although recently I started making smaller “open frame” pieces as well. Many of them can be recreated, but of course not exactly, and others are truly “one-of-a-kind”.
I’m also making very simple and delicate jewelry featuring gemstones, pearls, and pieces of old antique jewelry that I’ve taken apart. 
The community of artists I’ve found here in Benicia is absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it!