Wendy Newbold

My interest & experience with photography goes back more than 20 years, and started as a hobby… a way to photo journal my life. Along the way, I found a passion and talent for it, so I continued my education in practicing the craft. In addition, several years ago I decided to expand my portfolio and explore other art mediums, and I discovered a love and a talent for painting.

 I enjoy and celebrate diversity and self-expression, and I truly love being part of the amazing artistic community in and around the beautiful Bay Area. I am forever taking another class here, trying my hand at something new and expressive there, and I look forward to creating and expanding my works of art for many, many years to come. 


I am a wife & mother, a humanitarian, and a creative, personable, passionate artist & photographer who strives to find joy, happiness and beauty in all parts of life… which isn’t always easy, but is always worth it.


  • Original Photography prints (variety of sizes available on site & custom requests)
  • Quality Prints of original oil paintings (variety of sizes available on site & custom requests)
  • Original Artworks in pastels & inks, other mixed media
  • Hand-painted Magnets & Art-printed Magnets
  • Bookmarks, Stickers and Postcards of various prints
  • Miscellaneous Hand-painted Holiday items (decorations, ornaments, etc) available seasonally