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The Little Art Shop

Filled with structure, beauty and whimsy, the work of the many talented artists of The Little Art Shop will awaken your senses. Everything in this new gallery in Benicia, from the glass work, assemblage, paintings, multimedia works, jewelry, pottery, metal work, candles and photography to the unique details in the specially crafted desk top, will draw you in and capture your imagination.  Each of the 26 artists were hand-picked to represent their art form for your viewing pleasure.

Inspiration abounds in this special place that bridges the gap between art gallery and gift shop.

While new to Benicia, there is much history to the gallery that started as the Clay Station in the wine country of the Suisun Valley at Mankas Corner.  Originally a collective of pottery and clay artists, it expanded over its 17 years to become a showcase of artists of many talents who work with many mediums.

Its roots, however, are not forgotten as there is still fine pottery and clay works in the gallery.  Strong roots produce strong growth and much fruit.  Today, that fruit has many shapes, colors, and textures.

Moving to 1st Street in Benicia opens the way for some of the original artists to join with local artists from Benicia to create a unique venue on the water.

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