The Little Art Shop

The Little Art Shop will awaken your senses with the creative works of over 30 talented local Benicia and Bay Area artists. The light from the Carquinez Waterfront illuminates this unique shopping destination and draws you in as it captures your imagination. Each of the displaying artists were hand-picked to represent their art form – a true cross section of creators in glass, wood, metal, clay, mixed-media, encaustic, textiles, assemblage, fabrics and mosaics. We have graphic designers, photographers, upcyclers, jewelers, carvers, sculptors and painters of oil, acrylic and watercolor. These artists create both gifts that fit every budget and art that will grace the loftiest of living rooms. We are a collective tribe who love to bring our heart-felt works to the public. Plan a trip to the beautiful waterfront town of Benicia and plan on spending time in our one-of-a-kind gallery and gift shop.

2nd Annual Student Art Contest!

The Little Art Shop loves to support up and coming talent and what better way than to reach out to our next generation of creative artists!  We are asking for your help in letting your students know about the contest and encourage them to enter.  We have attached a flyer with the basic details.  Please see the "Events Page" for more details and how to enter!

11/2/22 UPDATE: We're so sorry, but our local teachers have way too much on their plates right now and we thought it best to reschedule to next year. We'll leave the details up on our website though so you can still work on your submission!